More women than ever are starting their own business with the hope of having more money and freedom to create a lifestyle which allows them to spend more time with their family.

It doesn't take long for reality to hit and they discover that running your own business is both costly and time consuming.

But this is NOT the story for all women in business...
There are women who have successfully combined a dynamic business and a great lifestyle!

secret mum's business experience...


Learn the Secret
to creating the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams

secret mum's business


The SMB podcast is dedicated to women that wants to run successful businesses and be great Mums. Covering various themes as Nutrition, Health, Pregnancy etc.

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secret mum's business

Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams

This book sets the record straight about the high expectations of many working mums. Trying to achieve a perfect balance between family and business is not only unachievable, it places more stress on women who are already stressed enough.

If you're ready to ditch the stress and create the life of your dreams, this is the book for you!


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  • Shan Withnell | Massage Therapist

    Angela has managed to bring together, in one step-by-step book, all the latest research and current thinking as well as her own wisdom, humour and practical approach to self-development, mindset mastery, nutrition and lifestyle "balance".

    This book takes you through, in a logical and easy to follow way, why and how working Mums are stressed, what effect that has on our bodies and lives (and our families) and then she gives you exercises and recipes to show you the way to reach a happy and healthy functioning life.

    This book is easy to read, easy to apply (if you put in the effort) and easy to remember. It contains an immense amount of information and I'm sure you will refer to it time after time as you work towards your healthy life. Read and enjoy!

  • Jane Lombard | The Franchise Shop NSW/ACT

    I have just finished reading Angela's book, which she obviously wrote about me! Luckily for you she has also agreed to share it with you! Beautifully written, from the heart, Angela's book Secret Mum's Business will resonate with any working business mum and not only gets to the heart of the daily struggles of any mum in business, she also provides practical tips and steps to make changes and improve your day to day life.
    Thank you Angela for writing Secret Mum's Business for me!

  • Llew Dowley | Director at The Buzz Writer | Author of Crazy Mummy Syndrome

    Reading Secret Mums Business, I instantly realised everything outlined in the first few chapters was happening in my life. I have started putting the steps into place already, and I can see a clearer vision for my future as a mother and business owner. Thank you Angela, this book is sure to be my bible.

  • Tracy | Owner/Manager at Mother Baby Store

    Reading Secret Mums' Business, I felt as though Angela understood the real me. It was as though she had been inside my head and knew all of my worries, what kept me awake at night and what made my days a busy struggle. She has inspired me to make real, measurable changes and to focus on my true goals.
    I now know that I have to 'be present', live from my heart and of course, chew my food thoroughly!

  • Penny Webb | Founder of Working Mums Masterclass

    Angela Counsel has long been about helping, guiding and advising. She ran a successful business focusing on that! Secret Mum's Business really steps it up a notch though.
    Angela's advice not only comes from research and her area of expertise. It comes from the heart and from the hands on experience of living through the challenges that being a mum AND a business owner brings. That's the difference.