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Bare Bunny Founder – Georgia Bamber

mum and boysStarting out in the corporate world and living in the USA and then London Georgia Bamber soon realised that working in other people’s companies was not for her. After spending some time in Hong Kong where her 2 sons were born, Georgia finally settled on a farm in NSW where she has grown several businesses.  

In Georgia’s latest venture, Bare Bunny, she takes her love of food and health and created a food product like no other on the market. Even though this product comes in a packet, there is nothing processed about the Bare Bunny food range. Delicious pancake mixes, full of healthy ingredients that are quick and easy to prepare.

When Georgia isn’t creating new and exciting food products, she is running distance marathons. She says that her running gives her time to meditate and come up with new creations. Georgia had me tired just listening to her talk and share with me everything that she did during the day.  

Have a listen and learn how Georgia came to create the Bare Bunny range and also find out what she has planned for her next products. You can find out more about Bare Bunny, including where you can purchase the pancake mixes from

I’m off to get some Bare Bunny mix to make some pancakes. See you soon.

Listen to the audio of the podcast with Georgia Bomber on  iTunes click here.

Mama in Charge – Angela Fogerty

Our guest this week is Angela Fogerty and she want’s every woman to feel confident, empowered and supported through their motherhood journey. Having hit rock bottom during her own pregnancy Angela Fogerty wants to help other women through this life transition stage of life.   Angela purchased her pregfit business (on-line pregnancy fitness clothing store)… Continue Reading

Podcast interview with Michelle House

Michelle teaches business owners the secrets for strategic money management that will create more flow in your business and help you achieve your financial business goals   Her tagline is “Money in life and business;  practically, emotionally and intentionally”   Her passion is to share her money secrets with as many people as possible empowering them to live… Continue Reading

Podcast Interview with Danielle Storey

Danielle Storey is a professional speaker and mentor with a particular passion for the fields of small business development, marketing, sales, customer delight, families in business and employee engagement. An outstanding storyteller with a humorous approach to imparting her strategies, She is a specialist in creating customer delight – service with that “little bit more” and loves to share easy-to-implement processes… Continue Reading

Podcast Interview Helen Crozier

Helen Crozier specialises in personal productivity and digital wellbeing. A technology coach and Evernote business certified consultant,  Helen offers customised virtual coaching and workshops.    Helen also writes regularly on her blog about productive ways to use technology and how to ensure we have timeleft for relationships, creativity and good health.   Find helen over at   Listen to the… Continue Reading

eSense visionary Marama Carmichael

Marama Carmichael is, the practical visionary behind eSense.   She brings years of experience in science, sales, marketing, customer service and business to my work. At uni she studied Physics and has a passion for people, business, and finding solutions.   “I’m one of those strange people who get excited about tech advancements and love finding new and better ways… Continue Reading

Chief Ideas Officer Phil Lowe

Welcome to this weeks episode of Secret Mum’s Business Podcast, Today I talk to Philipa Lowe, serial business owner,  award winning journalist, trainer and master of communications.Starting life as a journalist and then in a boutique PR agency, she has experience working with many types of businesses includingAdobe and Fuji Xerox for over ten years. Known as the Chief… Continue Reading

6 Keys To Happiness With Deborah Fay

  Deborah Fay started with a desire to work with families experiencing depression, anxiety and low self esteem to grow and move toward a more positive direction. “I love using my counselling skills to help others tell their story” Deborah is the author of 6 Keys to Happiness, creator of the 55 Day Body Love Challenge and one of 15… Continue Reading

Emu Paleo Girl Melinda Blundell

Melinda Blundell is an amazon best seller and inspiring Health and Wellness Mentor from Western Australia who is passionate about supporting other mums to implement food and lifestyle changes for themselves and their families   In addition to being a busy mother and wife she is also an enthusiastic owner of backyard chickens, enjoys attempting to grow some… Continue Reading