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Instead learn to create the life of your dreams while busting the balance myth.

Full of great advice and inspiration, Secret Mums Business - Create the Business and Lifestyle of your Dreams will help every Mum in business create the life of her dreams.

Written by Mum, business owner and naturopath Angela Counsel, this book demonstrates the role of healthy eating, healthy living and healthy thinking in creating the life that you've always dreamed of.

Stop wondering how those seemingly "perfect" women have it all together. Instead, become one of them.

Secret Mums Business - Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams sets the record straight about the high expectations of many working mums. Trying to achieve a perfect balance between family and business is not only unachievable, it places more stress on women who are already stressed enough.

If you're to ditch the stress and create the life of your dreams, this is the book for you.

What others say...

"Reading "Secret Mums Business", I instantly realised everything outlined in the first few chapters was happening in my life. I have started putting the steps in place already, and I can see a clearer vision for my future as a mother and business owner. Thank you Angela, this book is sure to be my bible"
Llew Dowley (The Buzz Writer, Graphic Designer)

"This is a great book for busy stressed mums - the exercises are simple and easy to do, but are also very effective for changing one's negative mindset. I really enjoyed the fact I was reading a book written just for me. This book resonates a lot with me"
Karina (Naturopath)

"I really enjoyed this book - it was concise, to the point and contained some great advice for achieving balance in all areas of your life.
Highly recommended!"

Linda Back

"As a small business owner, wife and mother, this book really resonated with me. Very engaging, clear messages and very well written. This book definitely made me seeing things differently in terms of being present and true to myself in my work, family and personal life; thank you!"
Lisa Miles

"A quick and easy read, different sections for different ideas, summaries at the end of each chapter, covers all of life!
Thanks Angela! Fresh and light as if we were having a chat! Pretty cover picture too!"

Jeanette Shipston

About the author

As a Business and Lifestyle Coach as well as an experienced naturopath and a leader in mind and body transformation, Angela understands why women get run-down and overwhelmed. She knows the key actions to create sustainable change in your business and your health and well-being and she can help you on the path to living the life of your dreams.

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