Work Life Blend with Brenda Tsiaousis

Presented by Angela Counsel




Brenda TsiaousisBrenda Tsiaousis is a business growth strategist. Five years ago, Brenda moved with her husband and four children to Tasmania leaving behind a secure high paying position in the corporate world.

She was determined not to return to the corporate world so she could spend time with her children, but wanted to contribute financially to the family household too. So with just $3000 in her pocket, she got cracking.

Brenda gained coaching qualifications, drew on over twenty years of corporate experience and combined that with her love of personal development to set up her coaching business.

She is now all about masterfully inspiring women entrepreneurs globally to harness their inner brilliance, ignite their passion and maximise their innovative edge to create and sustain a thriving business and life they love.

In this podcast, Brenda shares her thoughts about having it all and gives us advice on how to combine a successful business and being a mum with looking after ourselves and keeping our eyes on the prize – our dreams.

“Guilt doesn’t do you or your family any good whatsoever. You are doing the best you can with what you have right now.” Brenda Tsiaousis.

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